Upcoming Events

On December 16th we will be having our Christmas potluck and party! The kids will have a separate party in a classroom while the adults will be in the sanctuary. For the adult party we are asking each adult to bring a wrapped gift for a fun game of “dirty Santa”. The gift can be something from home, silly or nice, or purchased but let’s keep it under $5-$10 dollars. You can get creative and have fun with this. The kids do NOT need to bring anything. They will be playing a game where they will get treats! It might be a good idea for those that would like to, to bring more than one gift just in case someone comes without a gift they would still be able to participate! Looking forward to a fun time of family fellowship! 

Small Group for Adults: Thursdays, 7 p.m. at the home of Dave and Sandy Reich. This week is session #7  (1 Peter 5:1–14) of the 7 week series in the book of 1st Peter. Contact Ted Turner (406) 314-1870 with any questions or thoughts.

Leadership Retreat: A retreat for our Pastor and Elders at Glacier Bible Camp; Jan. 13–14, 2019. The purpose is for vision casting and planning. Please pray as we seek God’s direction for Glacier Church.